Apple Crisp, #SundaySupper

Celebrating Dads on Father’s Day is as American as Apple Pie…Or Apple Crisp. I figure my apple crisp is the 2016 version of the classic pie. Sugar seems to be a dirty word today. Especially in Southern California where I live. So, my apple crisp is created with organic Fuji apples, organic oats, Japanese yuzu citrus juice, a bit of brown sugar and spelt flour. Surprisingly, this Oreo-loving Ninja didn’t miss the white sugar. The sweet crunch of the crumble mingles with the tart apples and is yummy! Fuji apples are usually honey like on their own. However, the Japanese yuzu citrus juice adds a delightful sour accent.

Ninja Note 1: If you prefer an American Apple Pie taste, substitute lemons for the Japanese yuzu.
Ninja Note 2: If less sugar is to your liking, Japanese yuzu juice is available online and at most Asian markets.

My own father lives in Florida, is 93 and is not so prejudiced against sweet stuff. 

California Dreaming About European Caffe Luxxe

A touch of elegance, a taste of Europe is yours with a cup of coffee. Caffe Luxxe serves exquisite organic espressos and cappuccinos that will make you forget about coffee chain stores forever. Nestled between fashionable boutiques and high-end furniture stores, you’ll find the brainchild of marketing mavens Gary Chau and Mark Wain. Each cup of Caffe Luxxe coffee is made to order ... 観光でカリフォルニアを訪れた方やロサンゼルスにお住いの方。忙しい毎日の中で、素晴らしいCaffe Luxxeでリラックスしてみませんか。カリフォルニア産の無農薬のコーヒー豆を北イタリアの技法によって焙煎することによってチョコレートやキャラメルの風味が味わえるコーヒーを提供しています。イタリアの影響のみではなくフランスの文化も取り入れて、無農薬の材料から作ったクロワッサンとマカロンも販売しています。この店では高質、高級なものをお客様に提供しております。オーナー、ゲリー・チャウ氏とマーク・ウエイン氏は皆様に最高のコーヒーを提供するために、コスタリカやイタリアを訪れ、修行を積んでおられます。

Follow the Gluten-Free Yellow Cake to Emerald City Matcha Magic

A package arrives addressed to the Ninja Baker. Inside the box a sliver of silver gleams. Digging through the plastic peanuts, I discover Dorothy: A bundt pan so named by The Peoplehood of the Traveling Swirly Pan. A ruby journal (Toto) dutifully leans against Dorothy. And appropriately a spatula with the red shoes is revealed. Love this brainchild project of Pastry Chef Online, Jenni Fields. She’s recruited a community of bakers from around the world. We bake a bundt in the Dorothy pan and share bits of our heart in the Toto journal. After the experience – hopefully wiser and happier - we send the pan and journal to the next baker so that eventually Dorothy will make her way back home.

So, I look for inspiration and land upon the idea of a gluten-free yellow brick road bundt cake. Topped with my magical Emerald City matcha sugar sprinkles. For the batter, vegan butter as sweet as Dorothy and as golden yellow as the brick road is beat to fluffy perfection. I pour in 2 bags of gluten-free yellow cake mix. 4 eggs are beaten in one at a time. Next a stream of French vanilla coconut milk creamer and vanilla extract are stirred in.

3 Japanese Ways to Dress Up an Idaho Russet Potato

The Idaho russet potato is a tried and true American classic. From the most momentous to mundane moments, the spuds faithfully deliver flavor. Idaho russets dutifully report to the kitchen and are whipped, baked and mashed into deliciousness. Do you have a potato recipe that is a family favorite? Please share!

My husband’s mom was an excellent cook, baker and mother. (Think freshly baked pies every Friday.) David (my husband) was skeptical at first of stretching the boundaries beyond traditional American potato recipes. However, I’m now getting requests on an almost daily basis to add Japanese pizzazz to an Idaho russet. The ingredients are easily attainable, easy to make…and well, a fantastic way to enjoy the joys of both Japanese and American cuisine! Want to take a peek at the how-tos?

Matcha Scones, It’s A Small World & More, #InMyKitchen

It’s A Small World. Gone are the days of the static-filled conversation over the phone. Friends, family in remote reaches of the world now connect clearly with Skype and FaceTime. It’s a Small World that provides great opportunity to expand perspectives. I’m on Skype at least twice a week peeking into the homes of my friends in Japan. While collecting recipes for scones and other scrumptious items on the Internet, I peek into the kitchens of bakers all over the planet. Including one of the grande dames of the Australian blogosphere, Maureen of OrgasmicChef. Reading her blog, I get glimpses of life in Australia and glimpse the grand heart of Maureen…who kindly expressed interest in seeing what’s #InMyKitchen. Want to take a peek, too?

3 Ways To Enjoy Matcha Teatime and Gluten-Free Snack Magic, #Glutino

The gluten-free goodies in this post were generously provided by Glutino.

“Some people will tell you there is a great deal of poetry and fine sentiment in a chest of tea.”
~Ralph Waldo Emerson, Letters and Social Aims

Ancient Japanese poetry master, Issa thought matcha was so important that he wrote several haiku about green tea. Here’s a favorite:

The tea smoke
and the willow
together trembling


Teas, whether Japanese matcha or English breakfast, evoke an air of sophisticated simplicity. Tea seems to create space. A cuppa, as the English say, promotes permission...

3 Easy Ways to Make Gluten-Free Chocolate Party Treats, #Glutino

Pretty party fare in a pinch:
All it takes is a bag of Glutino gluten-free chocolate cake mix and a box of Glutino Vanilla Crème Cookies.

It’s almost hilarious isn’t it? Technology was/is supposed to be a time-saver. I thought mobile telephones, text messages were designed to provide freedom; and assist in the pursuit of happiness. Instead of more time with friends, family and fill in the blank hobby – mine is dancing –  it seems I’m spending more time online. It’s hard to put down that mighty phone. Don’t get me wrong; thanks to the online community I’ve met some truly stellar and inspiring fellow humans. Maybe I’m the only one who has yet to figure out the work/life/fun balance thing. Please do share your secrets to harmonious living in the comments section.

Sweets Shop to the Stars: Erin McKenna’s Bakery

Put your sunglasses on! Erin McKenna’s Bakery in LA, NYC and Disney World is a great place for serious stargazing. The bakery’s roster of celebrity fans include Oscar winner Natalie Portman and FOX TV’s New Girl Zoe Deschanel.  The pull to the popular sweets shop is three-fold. Executive Baker and Owner of Erin McKenna’s Bakery channels her flair for fashion and passion for tasty Non-GMO, vegan treats into her namesake stores. Every item in Erin McKenna’s Bakery is made with organic products. Each dessert is beautiful to behold. And exquisitely palate-pleasing!

ニューヨークのモデルや有名人に人気がある ケーキ屋さん、エリン・マクケーナズ・ベーカリーが遂にロサンゼルスにもオープンしました。(最近フロリダのディズニーにも開店しました。)遺伝子組み換え食材を使わず、無農薬材料でグルテンフリーにこだわった、ヴィーガンにもお勧めのケーキ屋のオーナー、エリン・マクケーナ、は高校生時代からお客様に食事を満足していただくことに喜びを感じながら、ウエイトレスの仕事を楽しんでいました。学校を卒業して子供の時から